Charts and Diagrams

These charts are an artist’s expression of an astute distinction in our lives, each of ours and the ones we share. Being to Being, with inspiring research, quotes, thoughts and proses by all mentioned herein. Here in PDF are the latest versions of the chart. Versions evolve, expand and improve, so visit often to have the latest updates.



  • IAmABeing.Nov06.2014 — A simplified version of the WeAreBeings chArt. Easy to the eyes with just as much reach.
  • WeAreBeings.July14.2014 — Here is the original version of the WeAreBeings chArt. Take it easy. It’s like an entire book on a single page. Maybe a series.



Creative Commons License
The chArts & Diagrams series by John Juster is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
Based on a work at

13 thoughts on “Charts and Diagrams

  1. Hello John!!

    Life is riding? Pretty high vibrating! I was wondering if I could get the 3 Chart or Diagrame that you gave me last Wednesday. I will be able to touch and explain it to more people with both language! To be able to touch more people! For their good sake! :-)

    Namaste !
    In lak’ech Ala’kin!

    1. Alexandre ! Great to see you. Vibes are high for sure. I’ll be away in the woods with no internet and no cell phone until April 11th. After, we’re ON!
      Now to keep meanwhile nice. :) Looking forward, though I’ll savour every moment of silence. Till then, be super well!

  2. hi there! i saw the amazing chart at eclipse festival on the weekend, is it possible to purchase one? i would love to dedicate a wall for it =)

  3. Nice work! I will have a closer look at the charts. Good idea of a simplified version. It makes things more readable to start. C’était un plaisir de parler avec toi aujourd’hui au Square Victoria!

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