9/11 impacted so many on so many levels, amongst the outcome is this work presented here.

How we feel and treat human kind has greatly to do with how we believe we are: good or evil by nature. Other than one’s own intuitive perception, relating with human kind as either benevolent or malevolent sets the precedent on how we are with one another for sure.

Those who believe we are by nature good, that nature is good in general, entrust one another with open dialogue, have respect for everyone’s lives and life in general, and have a general disdain toward corrupt systems and purveying corruptors.

Those who believe we are by nature evil, hence a fearful pestilent kind (as evil feeds on fear) wish to believe so, and choose instead controlled information, regulations, media manipulation, a top-down governing system and a final blame the masses for all these problems as if the actual corruptors themselves never even existed!

We know of ‘divide to conquer’, how divided into groups to duel in dualism we always are. Also known as collectives, grouping us by ideology controls the group by the ideology. The collective or association with the group that an individual has is used to distract from who we each are as individual living Beings.

Yes, we are powerful in numbers. But should any group have rights to subjugate an individual’s freedoms? A collective certainly engenders power. But to form a relationship with a collective is the same as a relationship with a banner, a cardboard character or smiley guy insignia. It’s a fictional character, a corporate logo, a tagged on label. What’s that all good for anymore?

Overall, group association disengages us from our individual selves. I mean, your being, your presence as a Being.

A group is a label, grouped different from other, politics certifies us into groups, border patrol’s us in divided lands, divides us into arguments, divides us in our minds, in how we are with ourselves and each other by the label we choose or are given. Are we our labels? Because your labels are not you. Collectivism ensures dualism, the “us vs them” mind game paradigm. It’s a doozy to realize, but easy to seize when individual rights and freedoms are stollen right now, from beneath our feet.

Awareness is key. Collectivism ensures dualism, which is how we are divided. We are sovereign Beings. It’s uniting time. As “one for all and all for one”, ‘one’ stands for a living Being. Nothing less.


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