“I am”

We are human Beings. I am a human Being and I declare “I am”. You are a human Being and you also declare “I am”. We are Beings amongst all living Beings on and with earth.

Using a capital B in Being distinguishes the name from the verb being. Further, it appears we are not only human. Why then do some refer to human Beings as humans? Does naming us as humans (disregarding the name Being) serve an objectionable objective, a learned profession-sustaining belief or misguided intension?

When thoroughly thought through, this linguistic disappearing trick initiates grouping “humans” by race, by color, by ethnic background, by age, by class, by bracket, by code, by culture, by language, by beliefs, by views and so on. Classification, categorization, segregation and separation spreads throughout relations due to this initial vital communication flaw, the absence of Being.

The name Being is areligious and apolitical. Between one and all are groups. This ensues the process of separation one from another. Naming ourselves by any other given group association takes our attention away from the purposeful name we all share, the name standing for “who I am” for every one. We are, all in all, each unique Beings in who we each uniquely are.

“The story of the human race is the story of men and women selling themselves short.” -Abraham Maslow

Is it correct for a group to be privileged the same inalienable freedoms to life as a living Being? When in courts and in contracts, a corporation is referred to as a “person”, it is never to be referred to as a Being or living entity. This is an unchangeable truth: a corporation is not a living entity to be privileged the same inalienable rights all living Beings have.

A corporation (a group) is an entity which exists only within the legal framework intended to safeguard life for all who live. However today, this is not the case. A corporation’s profitable interests alone give way to an unreal present day economy-first existence which, by rational judgement and financial reasoning, disregards the true care of all land, sea, air, earthly nourishment and overall ecosystem, systematically jeopardizing the health, wealth and wellbeing of our lives, no matter who.

A corporation (a group) only exists. A group does not live. Groups as such have no life source, but contains within the collective participating select Beings.

Define someone as something, enables manipulating them accordingly. In solving this matter, naming ourselves Beings unfolds new rapport with one another, coercion turns into cooperation, manipulation into interaction, judgement into observation and discovery, all of which integral to the nature of being.

Having this distinction be in our world wide conversation, amongst world leaders, political figures, government workers, media, TV and press people, publicity agents and advertisers, artists, teachers, scientists, mental and physical health workers, religious and spiritual people, as well as amongst groups, gangs, clubs, organizations and our family households will alone enlighten and benefit our individual and collective wellbeing, and that is the whole point.

Discuss this in your world, in our world. Participate, send feedback, your thoughts & observations.

We are in this together, as (in every) one.

John Juster, fellow Being